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5 Steps for Success

20 Oct

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”  -Ben Sweetland

I’m swiping yet another post from yet another source. The actual title of the article I’m swiping is “The Steps to Success.” I found the article on BlackEnterprise.com, and I felt that it had some really good information for newbie entrepreneurs and business owners.

Without further ado, are The Five Steps for Success:

[according to Black Enterprise]


1. Take Risks.

My Two Cents: The greater the risk, the greater the potential payoff

2. Find a Niche.

My Two Cents: Knowing your niche can help you target those who would be most interested in what you have to offer.

3. Be consisten t.

My Two Cents: Being Consistent lets your customers or client base know what to expect

4. Enjoy your job.

My Two Cents: One of the best things about starting your own business is getting to do what you love